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interior of church
St. Patrick's Basilica crest

Saint Patrick's Basilica has a long history in the City of Ottawa, being its first English-speaking Roman Catholic Parish. It was completed in 1875 and was declared a Basilica on Saint Patrick's Day, March 1995.

Beautiful as it is, Saint Patrick's Basilica is primarily a place of worship and repentance - Catholics citywide make use of the confessional at Saint Patrick's. It also serves the downtown core and offers Masses before work (7:00a.m., 8:00a.m.), during lunch (12:15p.m.), and after the workday (4:30p.m.), with confessions before each Mass, and six Masses for Sunday Obligation.

For directions click HERE.

Message from the Rector

celtic cross
  1. Please note that today the congregation will gather at the baptistery for our Palm Sunday liturgies, [except the 11 a.m. Mass]. The palm that you receive will be blessed there. Parishioners who cannot be at the baptistery will receive the palms blessed at the baptistery from an usher.
  2. Please note that incense will be used for Holy Thursday, Easter Vigil as well as the 12:15 p.m. Mass on Easter Sunday. The Easter Triduum celebration marks the summit of our liturgical calendar. Please come to participate in this three-day celebration which starts with the Last Supper on Holy Thursday at 7:30 p.m., through the Friday Passion at 3 p.m. and a special invitation is offered to all parishioners and their friends to participate in the great Easter Vigil, the central and most beautiful liturgical celebration of the year. We gather on Sat. evening at 8 p.m. to bless the paschal fire, to dedicate the paschal candle, to listen to the key stories of God's redemptive love. We receive the Body and Blood of Christ by following his command to 'take and eat' and 'take and drink,' since he is truly present with us as we gather in his name.
  3. On Holy Thursday, the Blessed Sacrament will be transported to the Scavi as the altar of repose will be set up there. The oils that will be blessed by our archbishop at the Cathedral on Tuesday night of Holy Week will be housed in the oil chamber [Nepean St. side altar] after the presentation at the beginning of the Last Supper liturgy.
  4. On Good Friday, we will commemorate the passion of our Lord. We will proclaim the passion narrative from St. John's Gospel, we pray for the needs of the church with a solemn intercession, then we venerate the wood of the cross and share communion. As the veneration of the cross is a key component of the liturgy, it is more fitting for the assembly to take part during the liturgy and not after. With the large number of participants at the celebration, I intend to exercise pastoral judgment of combining the veneration with the distribution of communion, so that all who wish may participate!
  5. Come and join us for Morning Prayer [Lauds] at 8:15 a.m. on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday!
  6. The veiling of statues and images before Easter reminds us of Jesus' offering of himself for us. Our focus would be on his suffering, passion and death. The images of the saints, as his servants, ought not be the focus.
  7. Starting this weekend, there will be no Angelus for the next 3 weekends. Our liturgies remain the primary focus. Palm Sunday is a lengthy liturgy; Easter Sunday there will be a baptism. On April 12, we celebrate confirmation of our young people; as well, we will celebrate the Rite of Welcoming at the 11 a.m. Mass for the candidates who were already baptized in another Christian Church and now wish to become full members of the Catholic Church.
  8. Chrism Mass will be celebrated at the Cathedral on Tuesday, March 31 at 7:30 p.m. The Beauchamps family will represent Saint Patrick's Basilica to receive the vials of oil blessed at the Cathedral. They, along with other parish representatives, will present the oil of catechumens, the chrism, as well as the oil to anoint the sick, to the parish community at the Last Supper Liturgy on Holy Thursday.
  9. Please note that Good Friday is a day of Fast and Abstinence.

Click HERE for the Lenten Message from Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J..

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Essential Readings for Palm Sunday: Jesus of Nazareth - Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI provides invaluable insight into the events of the most important week in history.
The Passion of the Lamb: The Self-Giving Love of Jesus by Thomas Acklin, O.S.B. underlying the importance of Christ's suffering for our salvation.

For Children: The Way of the Cross by Magnificat is a beautifully illustrated book to teach children the Stations of the Cross. A Donkey's Tale by Stefano Gorla tells the story of a faithful little donkey who played a very important role in Holy Week.

New in Stock: The Jesuit History Series. Teachers of a Nation (Volume 1), by Joseph B. Gavin, S.J., focuses on the important role of the Jesuits in establishing academic institutions, greatly contributing to Canada's early development. Builders of a Nation (Volume 2), edited by Jacques Monet, S.J., looks at other key Jesuit contributions to early Canada, including social justice work, founding parish communities, and much more.

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Father Robert Spitzer on Intellectual Evangelization

Fr. Robert Spitzer SJ, a former President of Gonzaga University, gave a great presentation describing Intellectual Evangelization, which is his method for evangelizing young adults. In this 48 minute lecture, Father Spitzer covers compelling subjects such as Near Death Experiences as well as why an all powerful God allows suffering.

Visit: Happiness, Suffering And The Love Of God

Fr. Spitzer's main Website where you can find other powerful material including free video presentations: Magis Center

Other links of interest:
Short video: Are you HAPPY? (describing four levels of happiness)
College series: The Reason Series - Episode 2

Stations of the Cross Reflections

by Mother Angelica from EWTN
sculpted face of Jesus
The Stations of the Cross Reflections, perhaps the most popular of Lenten devotions, help the faithful make a spiritual pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ's sufferings and death.
Click HERE to link to the inspirational Reflections by Mother Angelica

Free Electronic Books Available
Over 150 books are available on our Web Portal in PDF & epub format, including the Sermons of the Cure of Ars, the complete set of books by GK Chesterton, as well as books by some of the Church Fathers such as Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Therese of Lisieux.
Click on E-books, also accessible on the left index.

Saint Patrick's Choirs
join the choir

Singing is like praying twice as well. The voice of the choir is meant to empower the voice of the congregation, so that together we praise and give thanks to the Lord. That is the responsibility of the choir in our Roman Catholic Mass (liturgy). Would you or your child over 7 years of age like to come up and join our "voices" in the choir loft?

Contact our Choir Director,
613-233-1126 extension 561.

March 2015 -  Overview for the Month

The month of March is dedicated to St. Joseph.
St. Joseph & Jesus
A faithful man shall be greatly praised;
and he that is the keeper of his Lord shall be glorified.

For overview of month including Papal Intentions, click HERE.

Saint Patrick's Historic Pipe Organ

Organ pipes

The third and final phase of rebuilding the Basilica pipe organ began in April, 2014. Several components were taken to Casavant Frères in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.

Stage Three has now been completed. There remains now only some voicing or tuning of the instrument later this year.

We hope to have a re-dedication event at some time later this year, most probably on 22 November, the memorial of Saint Cecilia, a patron of music particularly associated with pipe organs. Stay tuned for more information over the summer.

Thank you again to all of our past, present and future donors. Your gifts help us to preserve our musical heritage.

Click HERE for more information.
For more photos, click HERE

used stamps
Used Stamps

One cancelled stamp can help feed a child for a day. Support the Redemptorist Mission Stamp Bursary by bringing your used stamps to our Book & Gift Shop.

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